Looking to improve your riding skills?

Instruction camps are available July 1 – Sept 30

CKMP’s team of professional riders and instructors are able to cater to every rider’s needs with specialized training tailored specifically to your skill level. From first time riders to professional rippers, come learn from our experienced crew.


Our Private Park

CKMP offers 300 acres of private land that includes an ever evolving network of trails, trials features, specialized moto-terrain, a massive network of enduro trails & our private enduro-x track.


Live the lifestyle

Live the lifestyle of a pro rider, get the full ckmp experience. This is an opportunity to come and receive the full CKMP experience. We’ve got it all – endless trail network, technical trials terrain, big mountain riding and a gnarly enduro-x track. You can work on everything from single track, trials skills and techniques to off road racing, enduro-cross, big mountain riding and maybe even a little bike maintenance.


What we can teach you

Hill climbing
Log hop and double blip
Side hill and traversing
Correct cornering
Jumping and seat bouncing
Rock climbing and hoping
Weight distribution and body position
Throttle and clutch control
Nose wheelies / stoppies
Passing riders and gaining track position

carl kuster mountain park british columbia

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